Three Makes Five

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

21w 0d

Officially more than halfway through. According to Your Pregnancy Week by Week:

Baby is 7.2 inches long and weighs 10.5 oz. It is about the size of a large banana.

The baby is now swallowing amniotic fluid, absorbing much of the water in it, & passing unabsorbed matter as far as the large bowel. Which is to say, she's starting to create that lovely green tar I get to clean out of diapers for the first few days. Oh joy. That tidbit also reminds me that, by the time you give birth, amniotic fluid is mostly baby pee.

The dad tip says that it's not too early to talk about baby names. Meh? Some folks haven't yet? Well, I haven't wasted much time with it this time around, since Rob was so little help last time I wound up naming Linda on my own, essentially.

I have complicated rules this time around. There must of course be three names. First name preferably has two syllables (both Bobbie & Linda do), cannot start with B, L, C, or M, & cannot end in an "e" or "a" sound. That last rule makes it fiendishly difficult to select a girl's name, as about 80% of the blasted things seem to end in one of those two sounds. It's just that I want a rhyming name even less than a "matching" name. Middle name preferably has three syllables & cannot start with B, L, C, or M. Third name should have only one syllable, but that's actually the only rule. Methinks I'll call the next one "Hey, you". Or PoopMachine. After all, if the dude from Penn & Teller can name his kid Moxie CrimeFighter, what's wrong with You PoopMachine?

According to's old wives' tales test, I have a 55% chance of having a girl, & a 44% chance of having a boy. I love that test, I take it frequently throughout each pregnancy. Thus far, it's been accurate. Not that that's saying much. The Chinese gender calendar also says girl. It has also been accurate both times. The sole disagreement is my wedding ring, which circles above my tummy, a sure sign of a boy.

Maybe it's surprise twins. ;-)


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