Three Makes Five

Monday, June 20, 2005

22 weeks, 5 days

Dizzy. I'm dizzy. No clue why. Probably dehydrated. But I'm sitting here listing steady to starboard. Sorry, I'm married to a sailor. Sometimes I can't help the nautical references. Took me years to be able to tell port from starboard. Only left and port having the same amount of letters finally clued me in.

Spent a good portion of the day with a backache so bad I couldn't pick up Bobbie to help her wash her hands after she went potty. Got a couple of Braxton-Hicks tonight putting Linda down to sleep. Third trimester starts...when? First tri runs til week 14, so second should be weeks 15 - 27. Which I guess means third trimester starts week 28. Yeah, the math works out that way. Sort of. The extra 2 weeks get thrown to the first tri because for 2 of those weeks you're not actually pregnant, going by LMP.

Was suggested on a UP/UC board that to determine if you have twins, you put on hand on one side of your belly and flick the other side. If you feel a "thrill" of fluid on the hand, one baby. No thrill, two babies. I do that, and my skin wiggles, but down inside, nothing. I wonder if that skin-wiggle is the thrill I'm supposed to be looking for...I'm confident there's only one in there, but it's a curious experiment anyway.

And now: to bed, to bed, jiggety-jig. Because I can't remember how to spell anymore, and that's the last faculty that goes for me...

Honestly, though, I'll spend about another hour reading and playing through-the-skin games with Baby.


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