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Friday, July 01, 2005

24 weeks 3 days Hooray for Viability!

Baby's officially viable at 24 weeks. That's when a baby is more likely than not to survive, though it doesn't hit about 90% til 27 weeks.

What is new for this week?

Baby weighs approximately 1.2 pounds, & 8.4 inches long.

I'm measuring way ahead again, 28 or 29 weeks instead of 24. I've really "popped" over the past week or so. Still, +/- 3 weeks is considered normal. so +4 isn't really out there. Book says my uterus should be 1.5 or 2 inches above my navel, but mine is 3" up. Only 1" more in circumference, though.

24 weeks belly Posted by Picasa

That's the latest tummy-shot.

More from the book:

Baby is filling out. Its face & body look more like an infant at the time of birth. Quarters are starting to get cramped. (Really, I can feel it flippin' around in there.) Amniotic fluid volume is approximately 12 oz, & will top out at 2 pints around 36 weeks.


I like this baby. Very interactive. I still very much enjoy playing games. Funny how not having to dread the hospital at the end of the tunnel makes for a much calmer Mama.


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