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Thursday, July 07, 2005

25w 2d OWWW!

First off, let's see what the book says...

Baby weighs 1.5 pounds
Crown-to-rump length is 8.8 inches
Uterus is about the size of a soccer ball (yeah, right!)
Top of the uterus is halfway between bellybutton & sternum.

The "Daddy Tip" this week is to do the grocery shopping. "This may be an unsettling prospect for some men, but cell phones have made men better shoppers." On the one hand, it's sexist as hell. On the other hand, my husband does frequently call me to verify things now that we both have cell phones.

OK, time for Sabra's Uterine Reality Check. There's really no need to measure my uterus every time, but I'm bored and so I will anyway. Instead of 25 weeks, I'm measuring ~29 or 30 weeks. Still ahead, but at least consistently 4 to 5 weeks ahead. So offhand, I'm guessing this will be (at least relatively speaking) a big baby. Either that, or it's twins, which isn't bloody likely.

On to the OW...

I finished crocheting a little yellow dress (with blue trim, God it's adorable!) tonight and decided to go digging for my buttons. Easier said than done. They're in the bottom of one of those humongous plastic storage tubs, so brilliant me decided to heft it onto the floor (it was stacked on top of another such tub). OW! My whole pelvis hurts now. I stressed a stretched-out ligament or something. No serious damage done, of course. No damage at all, most likely. But damn it hurts.

Word to the wise: if you can't bend over from the waist because your stomach's getting in the way, you shouldn't be wrestling heavy things to the floor.

one last thing...

Dear God, my tits have grown AGAIN. I did not think it was physically possible. But it must be. And it had to have happened in the past week. I mean, I put on tonight a dress that I last wore this weekend, Sunday I think. Then, it fit perfectly. Now, it's tight, but only in the bodice. And I know it didn't get shrunk, because I hadn't washed it (kinda grody I know, but I'd only worn it a very short time on Sunday, I swear it didn't stink, & we weren't getting out of the van anyway). My boobs no longer fit in the dress. Eek. I noticed a little tightness in my bra when I was taking it off, too. But that may just be my imagination. I do hope I'm wrong and I just didn't have the dress adjusted properly or something...


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