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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

31 weeks even

Time for another belly shot:
Cool photo, except for the whole demon-eye thing. I just couldn't get the red-eye correction to come out looking right, so I left it out this time. My belly is yet more prodigious. I really feel as if I am coming to the end of my skin's ability to stretch. The stretchmarks aren't growing, but my stomach itches a lot.

I had a classic pregnant moment tonight. I ate four small dill pickles. I hate dill pickles when I'm not pregnant, but for some reason when gestating I cannot get enough of them. I had the very distinct impression that if I'd brought the jar out of the kitchen as I had the urge to, I'd eat the whole blasted thing in one sitting. And my husband & kids just wouldn't understand. OK, the kids wouldn't. The husband would think it was hilarious.

I am pretty sure this baby is vertex. Either that, or it's two-headed. I was getting kicks this evening right under my ribs on both sides at the same time. Good indication that it's not a head up there. Yay me.

Last time I weighed myself, I weighed 196.5 pounds. Up 14.5 from my prepregnancy weight of 182, up 20.5 pounds from my lowest first-trimester weight of 176. So I'm doing OK there. I have managed to misplace all three of my tape measures, so I cannot indulge my urge to measure my uterus.

Info on this week from online:

Baby is now concentrating on gaining weight, not lengthening.
Growth in general is slowing, but the brain is undergoing a period of rapid development.
The only major organs left to develop are the lungs, but they and the digestive tract are nearly mature.
If the baby is a boy, his testicles are beginning to descend into his scrotum.
Baby's pupils now respond to light.
Baby has attained the typical newborn coloring due to fat deposits.
Fingernails might be to the ends of the fingers.
Baby is now a little over 3lbs and 16 inches long.


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