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Thursday, November 24, 2005

3 weeks, 4 days

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So Esther had her first "real" bath day before yesterday. In the sink in the bathroom, since we don't have a baby tub & I'm still not supposed to be taking baths (though I can probably ignore that now, as it just occurred to me I've had two recently...doy!).

She was pretty cool about it to begin with. Then she remembered that she was hungry--she is always hungry. In this photo, it really looks like she's trying baby mind-control over my boob. Baby mind-control never works. She wound up hollering pretty loud in the end, but once she got wrapped up in the towel (a nice pink one that we also used for both her sisters) she calmed right down. Probably because I gave her my nipple about 45 seconds after wrapping her up.

Today was her first Thanksgiving. She got the turkey & fixin's through breastmilk, of course. And seems to have liked it. She's also spent most of the day asleep, thank God. It allowed me to cook. Of course, right now she's making up for it, wide awake and fussing. She's almost always fussing when she's awake and not eating. Every once in a while she'll be quiet and awake and happy, though.

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Lilypie Baby Ticker
Lilypie Baby Ticker

I don't want tickers in my signature online anymore, but I'm a sucker for knowing just how old my kids are, down to the day.


I've also been able to get back to my exercising this week, lucky me. Haven't done anything today, sadly, but I'll get in some weight work when Rob & the girls go to bed. Linda picked up the scale & dropped it yesterday and got it to work again, so I weighed myself...I got up to 212 during my pregnancy & was 204 the day I got out of the hospital...I'm 190 right now, which means only 8 pounds to go until I'm down to my prepregnancy weight. By mid-December, maybe. We'll see.

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