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Friday, September 09, 2005

34w 2d--A new kind of belly shot.

Was sitting on the couch crocheting when it occurred to me this'd be a really good photo:
My navel has popped.

Got a nice surprise today. Lady I very much respect on another website inquired about my birth plans, & said she didn't blame me at all for going unassisted! I know better than to share my UC plans widely on that particular site, especially after some of the stuff I read when we were discussing the subject in abstract. Woman in question had said in that thread that UC wasn't something she'd feel comfortable doing. Glad to see she actually does believe in others making their own decisions. So many people merely pay lip service to the idea.

I think more and more that there will be a birth soon. I'm only 9 days out of where I was when I gave birth to Linda. Not that that technically means anything, but I'm starting to feel as if I am in the very earliest stages of labor. Hoping the baby will stay in at least those nine days, if not a lot longer. Might be nice if the baby shared my brother's birthday; he was born 16th September.

Here's what is so odd to me...I could just about eat a whole head of raw cauliflower myself. It's a matter of getting full before the vegetable is gone, not of lack of desire. Baby has my innards squished up enough that I've not much of an appetite. But damn do I love raw cauliflower! I have a bowl in the fridge that has the remains of tonight's, & it's all I can do not to get up and go sit in the kitchen with the bowl in my lap and shove all the rest of it in my mouth. I'm not particularly hungry, mind. I just love the taste of it.

And my scent cravings have come back. Rob is amused greatly by this. I have a little carton of baby powder and a larger bottle of baby lotion. The powder is really what I'm using. It doesn't just smell good, it is handy because of how sweaty I get when I'm pregnant. (Which is a very odd thing that I haven't heard anyone else mention.) I do rub the lotion into my tummy at least daily though, hoping to keep away the itchies. The stretch marks...Well, they're not getting worse.

I have fallen in love with my spare pillow. I must sleep with it between my legs. I don't know why that makes such a difference in my comfort level, but it does. It's the only way I can actually sleep. Not that I'm sleeping a whole hell of a lot. I was actually in bed by this time yesterday, but I laid awake for so blasted long I'm not bothering going up early this time. I don't seem to be able to sleep at night. Is this a sign I'll be having another nighttime baby? Certainly hope so!

To wrap things up, a more conventional belly shot:


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