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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

33 weeks, 6 days

I always get so impatient towards the end. I want the baby here, and I want it here NOW. As in, day before yesterday would be nice, but OK I'll take today if I must. If I could bend over, I'd be sticking my head between my legs and yelling "Hurry up already, haven't you gestated enough!"

But realistically, I know s/he hasn't and so I need to be patient. I am a day away from the earliest I feel comfortable with UC, and about two weeks away from where I gave birth last time (was written down as 35w 4d but was exactly 1 month before my EDD). So I am headed into the home stretch & can really feel that I am. And it's driving me insane.

Nesting, me? Heh. In my own way. Compulsively buying up baby things. The thrift store we bought the stuff for the hurricaine victims at was having a 50% off everything sale today. You can imagine what a pleasant experience
that was. Thought it'd be a good idea to buy some towels today for the birth. Too bad everyone else in Honolulu apparently also wanted towels, and got there long before we did. The one rack with towels on it was stripped almost completely bare. I was able to find 2 towels that actually had price tags on them. The $1.99 ones I'd intended to get, thankfully. Will go back next pay period & grab a couple more.

Other than that, though, we did pretty well. Got four newborn onesies, one little shirt, and one pair of yellow shorts. All pretty much unisex, though I'm probably fooling myself with the John Lennon onesie, since its background color is blue. But it still looks unisex to me. Maybe I should be making myself a few headbands in case it's a girl...All in all, though, with the towels and the baby clothes, we only spent $5.70. The onesies were all 99-cents before the discount. I think we'll be going back there pretty soon after the baby is born, because they've got a whole lot of stuff that's really cute & in good shape, but gender-specific.

Rob is still hoping for a boy. I'm still hoping for a girl. OK, OK, I'm actually in the "I don't care, I just want to meet you already!" phase. Part of me thinks a boy would be neat, but damn I'm cheap I want to recycle the girls' clothes I already own. Still remember telling my insurance agent when I was pregnant with Linda that I was secretly hoping for another girl so I could reuse all of Bobbie's clothes. Maybe a second round is a bit much to ask, eh?

Come payday, though, I want to pick up at least one package of preemie onesies at the NEX if they have them in stock. I told Rob tonight I think I've got maybe two weeks left. Intuition? Dunno. But that's what it feels like. I am into that restless as hell stage, as I've been reiterating, and crampy all day today, which is sort of my form of Braxton-Hicks. What's insanely frustrating is that I still can't tell which end is up. Still. Guess I'll find out eventually, when we see what the presenting part is, but it would be nice to have a head-down baby for once. I've threatened it with a package of frozen collard greens on its head. Putting something cold up top is supposed to induce the baby to turn, especially combined with a bright light down below. So I was joking tonight about throwing all the turn-a-breech tricks at it at once--take the pulsatilla then lay upside down on the ironing board with frozen veggies on my fundus and a flashlight between my legs and have Rob get down there and tell the baby to turn around. Wonder if it would actually work...


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