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Sunday, September 04, 2005

33 weeks, 4 days

I am so peeved. I read a story about some pregnant women who'd been evacuated from Keesler AFB to Lackland AFB. So I reasoned that perhaps they would need some things. So I had my mother (who is actually still in San Antonio) call the base and ask about it. Oh yes, they welcome donations. They're happy for anything we can send.

So, I buy some stuff. Mind you, I'm putting off buying things for my own baby to buy these things. And I posted it online too, figuring the more help the better, right? Today I log on to one of the sites and someone else is saying she called them (I posted phone numbers as well), and they don't want any more donations of things. Several possibilities come to mind. 1) Whoeever my mother spoke to was clueless (should say, everyone she spoke to was clueless, since she was told at least twice that they welcomed what could be sent) and they really ARE all set. 2) Whoever this other person talked to was clueless and they DO need things. 3) Whoever this other lady talked to is lazy & doesn't want to deal with donated items/would rather have money. 4) They have adequate donations for adults but could still use stuff for the babies. 5) This other person online is full of shit & just trying to make me look bad.

Only possibility number 4 really appeals to me. Number five would just piss me off, and number 1 would really set me off. I spent a good $20 that I could really have used for other things on what I thought was a good cause. I don't have the energy to hunt down someone else willing to take goods. Everyone wants money, but judging from what I've read several places on line, a lot more people are able to give things than to give money.

This is just going to burn me out. I want to do something. Physically I can do little, being so far from the source of the disaster, and 8 months pregnant to boot. I got info on two families to help out, to send stuff to. I have one address right now. That box will go out on Tuesday. I am going to be royally pissed if I never get an address for the second family. More money I spent trying to get useful stuff. This is why some folks never do anything charitable. I try to do something good, and I get kicked down. Pisses me off.

But...Still pregnant. At least that is good. Here's the info for week 33, which I am more than half finished with, but oh well:

Rapid brain growth has increased the size of the baby's head approx. 3/8" this week!
I've got all the amniotic fluid I'm going to get; the amount will remain constant until delivery.
If it's a boy, his testicles have descended. A girl gets only a prominent clitoris...(Too bad they don't stay prominent, maybe then my husband would be able to find mine!)
Baby is approx. 17.5" long & weighs just over 4 pounds.

Since I'm almost done with 33, here's some info for 34:

The baby's eyes are open when she's awake, & closed when she's asleep.
She's developing the immunities to fight slight infection.
Fingernails are at the ends of the fingertips already.
The grasping reflex is already present.
Baby has gained half an inch and half a pound from the week before.

If memory serves, the average baby gains half a pound a week (comforting thought, when mama's gaining a pound a week) during the third trimester.

I had Linda at 35w 4d, so I'm only 2 weeks from where I gave birth last time. Scary thought. Still don't really have the birth supplies I'd like to have. Stupid thoughts of charity sidetracked me. (Ah well, if I can't send that stuff to Lackland & I have a boy, I've got some really nice things for him!) Still don't have much of a clue as to a name. Probably Esther or Judith. Yep, I like the old names.

Measured my fundus, & it's holding steady at 36 cm. Not really any more room for it to grow upwards. I still can't tell from kicks or from palpating which way the baby is facing. Half the time I think it must be double-headed, the other half it seems as if I've got two bottom halves instead of two top halves. Frustrating as hell. I've got the pulsatilla that's supposed to be very good at turning babies, but I don't know if I need it or not.

When you've had 2 breech babies, what're the chances of having a third not breech?


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