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Monday, October 03, 2005

37w 4d--Still here. Dammit.

I actually look pregnant these days. Very, very pregnant. Linda was already two weeks old by this time. Frustrating. Damn Them for being right about each pregnancy being different.

If I'm pregnant for too much longer, either my head will explode or I will kill my husband. Or both.

I can't sleep. I can't get comfortable. And then when I do finally fall asleep, I can't stay asleep. I get maybe 2 - 3 hours of sleep at a time, and I wake up in pain. Usually my right hip, from sleeping on it all the time. I'd like to lay on my left side, but that tends to make my stomach hurt.

And then my ass has decided to hurt. My right buttcheek, anyway. Badly. Maybe the sciatica I keep hearing about. Feels like someone's stabbing me in the ass, at any rate, and sometimes when I try to walk it zaps down my leg and makes me have to stop short to be sure I don't fall flat on my face and drop whatever I'm holding.

About the only blessing is that the heartburn comes and goes. Which is a good thing, since no amount of antacids makes it go away. Occasionally I get bad sulphur burps that last all day. Miserable. This is why women schedule inductions before their due dates.

I'm taking some herbs said to help you in the last trimester. I'm back with the red raspberry leaf tea. The latest incarnation of that is to boil a bit less than a quart of water, pour it over three teabags, let it steep about 10 minutes, spike it with 5 drops of blue cohosh tincture (tried taking it under the tongue as suggested, but that shit's made with grain alcohol and burns like a mofo!), and use it to wash down my black cohosh tablet. A sort of all-in-one thing. Bedtime brings two evening primrose oil capsules inserted vaginally. So I ought to have one hell of a ripe cervix & toned uterus by the time all of this is over. I'm thinking I'll add in oral EPO tonight. I've considered nipple stim, but Linda takes care of that nicely with her nursing. Can't get comfortable enough to masturbate for the help an orgasm is said to be, and can't get my husband to have sex with me either. Bastard.


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