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Monday, September 19, 2005

35w 5d--tons of contrax

I had enough contractions in the wee early hours of the morning that I thought for a little bit I was going to have to wake Rob up. But then they went away. Had some more this afternoon at lunch, and then all through the time we were grocery shopping and yet again at home. Then I took a nap & had a few more near dinnertime.

And then they went away...

Blah. Braxton-Hicks, technically. The so-called painless "practice" contractions. Painless my ass. They better be doing something. I'll be 36 weeks on Wednesday. I told Rob I don't expect to last out the week. We'll see.

We have everything we need. That we could find, anyway. No baby scales to be had, but we bought an adult scale that weighs in 1/5lb increments, so that will get us close on the weight, at least. Rob wanted to buy a new pool, but we couldn't find one out on town for less than $29, and there's no way I'm paying that much when the one we have only needs a little help. So we aired up all three rings today and scrubbed it out with Ajax with Bleach (I love that stuff). It is now on the front porch, outside the window for the laundry room. Easy access to hot/cold taps that way, & underneath the clothesline so we can hang up some sheets for privacy. So as long as it doesn't rain, I'm all set for outside.

We got a heating pad. I wrapped two blankets around it and put it in a spare pillowcase and shoved the first baby outfit in on top of that. So it can be plugged in and will warm up the blankets & clothes. Baby won't be cold long.

We got the carseat too. That was $120+. But it's a good seat, the Evenflo Triumph V convertible. Consumer Reports Best Buy, ranked higher than the Blessed Britax seats even. Funny how the CR article said the MSRP was $70. We paid nearly twice that, if you include the tax. The older version, the Triumph IV that we have for Linda, we paid the same thing I think, if not $10 more. So I've never gotten it at a price near the "MSRP".

Happily, we finally found some decent-sized onesies. Gerber stuff used to be up to 7lbs for newborn sized onesies. Then they changed their newborn size to 8 - 13 pounds. For newborns. The average newborn is 7lbs. Very few are more than 10. They finally realized how asinine that was, but not before dragging the rest of the industry along with them. They didn't shrink them back down, but they relabeled them as 0-3 months. Carters, meanwhile, until very recently, was the same way. Their newborn stuff was up to 12lbs. They've now changed that size to "up to 3 months," and THANK YOU GOD have restored or brought out a new newborn size in their Child of Mine line which is sold at Wal-Mart--it fits 5 to 8lbs. Which makes them just the right size for my babies. I'm so glad to find that. I've got a 5-pack of white ones in the kitchen still in the package. I'll get some more in appropriate colors just as soon as I figure out what I'm having. I'm just so happy to have found those.

So...Baby, we're ready for you. You come out when you're ready. Everyone wants to meet you.


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