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Monday, September 12, 2005

34w 6d--Look ahead to next week & some stuff I made for the kid.

I have 99% of the baby clothes and blankets washed. Everything is folded/rolled up and set in the bassinette. It needs to be downstairs, but that will wait until I am actually in labor.

A lady online was going to send us the infant car seat she used for her youngest--never in an accident--but she took it to PakMail since she didn't have a box for it, & they wanted $130 to ship it! Bear in mind, the car seat itself is worth maybe $50, and that's here in HI (meaning it's a good $10 - $15 cheaper on the Mainland), & we were to pay her for shipping. Intelligent woman, she told them to go screw themselves (certainly in a different way!) & donated the seat instead.

So Thursday we will go buy a carseat and a baby scale, and then we will have everything we need. Ah, scratch that, we need a new fishy pool, as our current one is in not-too-good condition. But only three things.

Five more days until I am at the same gestational age at which I had Linda Margaret. Nothing to say I'll go then, of course, but the theory is if you go early once, you're that much more likely to go early again. So we shall see, and every day past then is a good one for the baby to bake.

Went to Kaneohe Saturday. They have some of the cutest pixellated camouflage baby clothes. Even a little dress.

And more exciting news--someone actually noticed I was pregnant! Lady who was checking IDs at the Commissary Sunday said I was going to have a boy because of the way I am carrying. Actually, I've noticed I'm carrying the "boy" way too, & we had sex much closer to ovulation this time. So things are aligned in a boy fashion, but there are just no guarantees, especially with me consistently bearing girls. (I know, I know, two girls just make such a pattern!)

Now, to look forward to week 35:
The average-sized baby now weighs 5.5lbs & is 18 inches long.
Baby's lungs are completely developed.

Not a whole heck of a lot of info this week. The only thing the links say other than that bit of info is that the baby's getting fatter & has less & less room in the uterus.

Here's a photo of what I made to be baby's very first outfit:

Cute, huh?


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