Three Makes Five

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

0 days 23 hours 12 minutes 19 seconds left...

So says my handy-dandy little count down ticker in the corner of my screen. Mozilla Firefox, how I love thee and thy plug-ins.

Really thought I was going to have this kid on Sunday. Was awoken with contractions, which continued the next five or so hours, and then stopped. Just. Stopped.

Further musings from last week's ultrasound...Tech said baby is estimated 7lbs 2oz, but I'm not clear if that was a birthweight estimate or not. Of course, such things are notoriously inaccurate, but it was still interesting to hear. I am also measuring a bit behind, in theory. The LMP due date they gave me at the hospital was 13th October (a 28-day cycle instead of my real 32-day one), so was 39w 3d. Measurements put me at 37w 2d. Which of course doesn't mean a thing either.

All the pieces of the baby are also present & accounted for. Fluid was mildly decreased by the sonographer's measurement--7 where 8 is the minimum of normal. Initial ultrasound done by doctor indicated 9. Of course, slight olgiohydramnios is to be expected at the tail end of pregnancy.

I'm past ready for the baby to be here! Fed it more raw cauliflower and pickles today, as well as a nice rare sirloin and some artichoke hearts. Well, much more than that, but everything save the pickles was dinner.

No almonds, though. I seriously wanted some smoked almonds, and we went to the miniNex in search of them, but none were to be found. So I got a brownie instead. I am still not certain why that was an acceptable substitute...


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