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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

4 weeks, 2 days: Is that a smile I see?

Could have sworn she smiled at me a few times today. I've never bought the gas theory. Gas smiles are obvious. They're more like grimaces, and followed by a burp or a fart. These today were the little half smiles my husband used to give me, just a bare turning-up of one corner of the mouth.

The other theory I've heard, which makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, is that babies mimic your smiles in an instinctive effort to be endearing.

She's asleep in the swing right now. Was gassy and fussy when I tried to put her to bed, so I brought her down here because sometimes the swing knocks her out. It worked. All the lights are off, I'm listening to a rerun of Conan O'Brien, and looking at stuff on the Net. And Esther is happy and asleep and so the world is good.

This week's gratuitous Esther photo:
She's getting pretty chubby. And she looks more and more like her daddy. From the side, at least. Looking at her dead-on I think she looks like me. Her nose is pretty broad like mine is, but she's got round cheeks like Robert and his chin too. And his ears, apparently, looking at this photo.

She's starting to spend a little more time awake and not eating or crying. It's nice. She's already played Flying Baby a few times.

I like waking up to see her still asleep. She has this green nightgown she sleeps in, it's one of those with the sleeves made to turn over her hands, and so she's covered from the neck down including her hands, and then those long feet peek out the bottom and it's so incredibly cute I have to smile just thinking about it.

I made a lot of baby stuff this pregnancy and it was all made based on the typical newborn measurements--14" head, 3" long feet, 18 inches long. And then she was born with a 13.5" head, 3 1/2" long feet, and more than 20 inches long. So her hats are too big, her booties are too small, and the incredibly cute one-piece dress I made her (kind of a onesie with a net dress overlay) is too damned short. The best-laid plans...


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