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Sunday, December 11, 2005

1 month, 1 week, 4 days: She's growin'!

I'm kind of slow to catch on sometimes. Esther's usual pattern is to sleep most of one day and be awake most of the next. This past week, though, or at least the last four days or so she's been sleeping every day. It was especially pronounced yesterday & today. So today it finally hits me--growth spurt. D'oh!

My milk production seems to have caught up already. I had to call Linda over once yesterday & again today to get her to nurse because I was getting dangerously close to being engorged. I sure hope Esther doesn't go up a diaper size because of this; we've got an unopened pack of diapers!

I had the most asinine conversation with my husband this morning. He was calling Esther "Esther Rose." I told him I didn't want him calling her that, because Rose was my niece's middle name (she died last year from cancer). Besides, she's already got a nickname. Hadn't he noticed me calling her "Esther-Ro"? He hadn't. Where did "Ro" come from, he wanted to know. Umm, dumbass, her middle name is Rosemary. Sigh. This is the guy who didn't realize Bobbie's birth certificate misspelled her middle name as Catherine (instead of Catharine) and who thought Linda Margaret's middle name was spelled Ann.

Needless to say, I was very careful to make sure he knew it was Esther & not Ester.

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